Private Guitar Lessons

Hi. I am honored that you have chosen to make Tao of Twang part of your musical life and hope it is already helping you as a guitar player. If you’re thinking that some one on one sessions might help you get to the next stage, I can now offer that in addition to weekly content which I will continue to upload to YouTube without requiring any type of membership. If you’re familiar with the channel then you probably get the philosophy. My method is collaborative and your expressed needs and goals will inform our direction. I will share my knowledge in ways that serve your stated purpose.


There are a number of Apps that work well for video sessions. I prefer to use GoogleMeet because it does not have a short time cutoff and is easily linked to Google Calendar, Gmail, etc. If you need to use another App I can accommodate that. You will need a device equipped with a camera and a microphone (or separate components) and a decent internet connection. I live in a rural area with only one high speed (optical) option and it works fine. Most folks are playing through an amp in the room and that works pretty well after we do an initial sound check and possibly adjust the proximity to the mic, etc. Some are using USB interfaces and that works too.  


I prefer to have sessions Mon-Thurs between the hours of 9AM and 6PM (CST). Exceptions can be made if necessary but I ask that we try to stay within that framework. Sessions are $35 per 50 minutes. I accept payment via Square or PayPal. It’s quite easy and secure. You can reserve weekly slots or space them out periodically. Try out one session and see what you think if that makes sense for you.


 Email me with any further questions or to book your first session: